Hospice Care

Exceptional Medical Care

Our physicians, nurses, and pharmacists control pain and manage symptoms, supply medications, monitor drug interactions, and provide medical supplies and equipment. Medical options will be discussed with you – allowing you, or your loved one, to determine your preferred course of care.

About Hope Hospice

Hope Hospice has been licensed by the state of Florida since 1984. Our comprehensive services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and many insurances, and generous community support allows us to help everyone with serious illness, regardless of ability to pay. As we continue to grow along with Southwest Florida, we’re achieving more impact through our truly comprehensive programs and services.

Personal Care

Hope’s Personal Care Specialists help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, dental care, and other elements of personal hygiene.

Insurance and Planning

Navigating financial matters can be stressful. Social Service Counselors will help you with insurance paperwork and other complex financial matters. They will also discuss decisions regarding your future medical care, a living will, choosing a healthcare surrogate and organ donation. Hope’s counselors will also determine if you, or your loved one, are eligible for additional community support.

Emotional Support

At Hope, our Spiritual Care Counselors address emotional issues in a way that is respectful of all faith traditions. With their support, you can find peace and comfort when it matters most. Professional Bereavement Counselors are available to help friends and family members cope with their own unique challenges.

Volunteer Support

Hope’s Volunteers are available to help with a variety of services from personal errands to transportation and emotional support. These compassionate individuals often lend a hand with day-to-day tasks so caregivers can spend time with their loved ones. 

Comfort, Dignity and Peace

Hospice provides medical, emotional, and spiritual care – focusing on comfort and quality of life.

  • We serve anyone facing the end of life, regardless of age or illness.
  • Most people remain at home while getting help with pain and symptom management.
  • People with a serious illness may receive hospice care for six months or longer.
  • You may keep his or her own doctor involved while receiving hospice care.
  • No one is denied care due to lack of insurance at Hope Hospice.

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