Skills for Moving and Lifting

What skills do I need to move and lift my loved one safely?

  • Evaluate the weight of the person being moved and the person’s ability to help him or herself in the move
  • Do not attempt to lift anyone if there are any doubts about your ability to do so safely
  • Establish a firm base of support by placing your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Remember to flex your knees and to use the muscles of your arms and legs
  • Avoid straining your back muscles when lifting or moving anyone
  • Whenever possible, use push and/or roll techniques rather than directly lifting (Hope staff can demonstrate the proper techniques)
  • Remain close to the person being moved to maintain control 
  • Lift smoothly to avoid the strains created by jerky and awkward movements
  • Do not twist your body to turn; rather, move the feet with the body in a turning motion when changing positions
  • Use a drawsheet when lifting and pulling (Hope staff can demonstrate the proper techniques)
  • Whenever possible, raise the height of the bed to allow for proper body mechanics

The Hope staff can teach caregivers and family members additional techniques to move and lift their loved one safely. Please call us toll-free at (855) 454-3104.