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Legacy of Hope book

Legacy of Hope

You may find joy in recalling treasured memories and deciding what to leave behind for others. Our Legacy of Hope program can help with letters, scrapbooks, music, mementos, family trees, and more.
Hope volunteers can help your project take shape. They can write down stories, record interviews, or ensure messages reach your intended audience.
Recall the Past
with your favorite stories, family history, and photo albums
Share a Message
with your best friends or the people closest to your heart
Start Creating
a journal, handwritten note, video interview, or audio recording
Leave Behind
your best jokes or pearls of wisdom for the next generation
Plan Ahead
to send a message on an important date in the future

Lee’s Personalized Legacy of Hope
At 100 years old, Lee had plenty of history to share with Hope volunteers. Together, they wrote her life’s story, including a carefully curated selection of her favorite memories and photos. The gift was instantly treasured by her family.

Historical Car
Comfort Pillows

Comfort Pillows

When you can’t be together, your loved one can hear your voice as often as they want just by hugging their Comfort Pillow.

Cat and Dog Pet Visitors

Pet Visitors

Friendly four-legged Hope volunteers visit people in their homes, local facilities, and Hope Hospice Houses. They always bring smiles and joy!

Virtual Pet

Virtual Pets

Interactive dogs and cats offer safe and convenient companionship. This innovative technology is especially helpful for people with dementia.

Pet with Vet

Help for Pets

Generous community donations allow us to provide pet food, veterinary care, and other support for families in hospice care with financial needs.

Reiki Energy Practice

Gently placing their hands on or above you, Hope’s volunteer Reiki practitioners share their comforting energy. This alternative therapy may help:

  • Enhance feelings of relaxation
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Relieve emotional pain
Like all of Hope’s complementary therapies, Reiki is provided at no charge for families who choose to participate.

Granting Hopeful Wishes with Gifts from the Heart

Hopeful Wish at Beach

Does your loved one have a special need? Hopeful Wishes are often simple – but provide lasting comfort and peace of mind. 

Hopeful Wishes may be for tangible items or for memorable experiences like a fishing trip, night at the movies, or piano lessons.

Talk to a member of your Hope team for more information.

End of Life Doula Volunteers

Doulas offer intensive support during life’s closing chapter. They prepare for deep, meaningful service with in-depth education.

Doulas work closely with Hope staff to ensure peaceful endings.

Doula holding candle

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